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-Awareness Groups
-Ongoing Groups
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-Awareness Groups
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Ad Hoc Workgroup on Interculturality, Society of the Divine Word, Rome, Italy -- June 2-6, 2014

Interculturality Follow-up Workshop, The Gesu International College, Rome, Italy--May 30, 2014

and Culture

Action Methods for 
Spiritual Growth

"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences,
we are spiritual beings having human experiences"
Teilhard De Chardin

Our humanness is rooted in the Spirit

Spirituality and Culture  

Spirituality and Culture is a resource offering intercultural services for spiritual growth and the fullness of life using Dr. Jon P. Kirby's Action Methods and Dr. Donell Miller's "Open Story System."

 observed that we are spiritual beings at the core and spiritual growth is required for human fulfillment. Our human-ness is rooted in the spirit and we are ‘hard wired’ for spiritual growth. 

This involves our relationship with God, for as Pope Francis points out in 
Evangelii Gaudium, "We become fully human when we become more than human, when we let God bring us beyond ourselves in order to attain the fullest truth of our being." 

But it also involves our relations with one another. Our connection with the Spirit is through our communion with others, for as Pope Benedict has said in "Caritas et Veritate," "As a spiritual being, the human person is defined by interpersonal relations. The more authentically he or she lives these relations, the more his own personal identity matures. It is not by isolation that people establish their worth, but by placing themselves in relation to others and with God."

Here we are especially vulnerable for as the Christian existentialist, Gabriel Marcel, has pointed out, the possibility of "communion" where each can perceive the other as subject is losing ground in our technological world. 
It is our mission to help foster this communion, this growth in the spirit and fullness of life, through "Action Methods" in Groups, Retreats and Workshops as contexts for
counseling, life-coaching and intercultural role-training. We make use of the entire range of action methods including Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Bibliodrama in these exercises, and
we specialize in Culture-drama for intercultural and interreligious dialogue. 

Psychodrama is derived from the Greek word psyche which means spirit. J. L. Moreno, the father of psychodrama, affirms our spiritual roots when he says that we are "first of all cosmic beings" and that "there is a sort of primordial nature, which is immortal, a first universe which contains all beings and in which all events are sacred." This affects all of us at the core, for as the existentialist, Maurice Blondel, pointed out: "one cannot think or act anywhere as if we do not all have a supernatural destiny." Our unity in this "first universe" draws us to this destiny, and at Spirituality and Culture we nurture it.

Our team is dedicated to building a fully intercultural world, where every people group is honored and respected, where the vast riches of human experience are shared and enhanced for a balanced and true globalization. We are dedicated to building bridges between religions, cultures and people groups for intercultural development, human flourishing, and the honor and glory of God. To this end we are dedicated to the practice, development and promotion of action methods for an Intercultural Workplace, an Intercultural Ministry, and an
Intercultural World.

We offer training, as an integral part of our programs, for a broad range of professionals
in the methods, theories and philosophy of J. L Moreno, the originator of Psychodrama, Sociometry, Role Training and Sociodrama. CEUs are approved for MFT & LCSW by the Board of Behavioral Sciences–Dr. Donell Miller Providerand hours in Drama Therapy & Psychodrama are approved by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.

Our team includes Dr. Donell Miller, a clinical psychologist and LMFT, who specializes in psychodrama for therapeutic purposes, and Dr. Jon P. Kirby, an anthropologist and intercultural specialist, who uses culture-drama for role-training and life-coaching, and bibliodrama for retreats. Both are also ordained–Jon as a Catholic priest and Donell as a Methodist minister.

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Psychodrama Group
: We offer two types of psychodrama group sessions which are held at our centers in Los Angeles and Redlands: (1) Psychodrama Awareness Groups which are open to everyone without registration, and (2) Psychodrama Ongoing Groups which are closed groups and require registration (see schedule).

Culture-drama Group: We offer two types of culture-drama group sessions which are held at our center in Los Angeles: (1)  Culture-drama Awareness Groups which are open to all without registration, and (2) Culture-drama Ongoing Groups, which are closed groups and require registration (see schedule). These consist of eight consecutive sessions which deal with diversity issues of race, ethnicity or culture and are offered for culturally differentiated church groups, religious communities and couples. On request they may also be offered at other locations. 

Bibliodrama Group: We offer two types of Bibliodrama group sessions which are held at our center in Los Angeles, (1) Bibliodrama Awareness Groups which are open to all without registration, and (2) Bibliodrama Ongoing Groups, which are closed and require registration (see schedule). 


Bibliodrama Retreats are five-day retreats with two three-hour Bibliodrama sessions each day which focus on spirituality issues. They are fully ecumenical and are held twice a year, Fall and Spring, at Divine Word Retreat Center in Riverside CA (http://www.svd-ca.com/)
 (see schedule). 


All workshops focus on interculturality issues. We offer five types of varying length and intensity, and utilizing inventories, surveys and action methods, especially culture-drama. See schedule for upcoming workshops.


Besides offering counseling, life-coaching, role training and therapy for maturation and spiritual growth through our groups, retreats and workshops, we also offer training in the use of action methods for religious and mental health professionals, therapists, life-coaches, lawyers, teachers, and business professionals.

The 'Empty Chair' technique


Jon P. Kirby SVD, MA, MDiv, PhD, CP, PAT.
Spirituality and Culture, SVD House
2181 W. 25th St. Los Angeles CA 90018
Ph: 323-402-0249; Cell: 202-290-8325; 
Website: http://spiritualityandculture.com
E-mail: zanyeya@gmail.com


Please explore our website which includes information about our programs and offerings along with publications and training handouts.

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"We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, 
we are spiritual beings having human experiences." Teilhard DeChardin